How to get up the hill

This map has the marker where you are headed.  Be careful as even the mighty Google uses a bit of a strange route.
  1. Get to Woodside Rd and 280 and head west
  2. Turn right on Kings Mountain Rd. and follow that up to Skyline (8 miles) (after you’ve passed Woodside Elementary, look for Kings Mountain Rd on the right.  There is a sign to Huddart Park, but it can be hard to see)
  3. Cross over Skyline onto Tunitas Creek Rd (this is at the top of the hill – on the weekends look out for idiots going fast on Skyline)  (oh ya – Tunitas is one lane so watch for oncoming cars)
  4. Fork off to the left on Star Hill Rd.  This is 1 mile down Tunitas – keep an eye on that because it is easy to miss.
  5. Follow Star Hill around a hairpin to the left, then a long right turn, and you’re there.
  6. Park on the platform up top, or on the hill side of the long right turn in step5. If you come down the driveway you may never make it back up, but that is one other place to park.

230 Star Hill Rd