Karsten A. Rist – Curriculum Vitae

Karsten A. Rist 18014 S.W. 83rd Court Miami, FL 33157 (305) 255-5275 (phone and fax) e-mail: ristck@aol.com Employment History Retired 1997. President and co-owner with Carol Rist of Kendall Plastics, 1980-1997. Kendall Plastics is a manufacturer of injection molded plastic parts serving the medical equipment and electronic industries. Systems Engineering Laboratories, Director of Data Services, […]

Albert Rist – Curriculum vitae

Albert Rist Curriculum vitae (Comments in italics are not Albert Rist’s words, but were added by the translator as explanations.)((So if you’re keeping score – This is written by my grandfather, translated from the original German by my father, and then posted by me…)) I was born in the rough November days of the year […]

Bird List of Antarctica and Torres del Paine

Karsten A. Rist 18014 S.W. 83rd Court Miami, Florida 33157   Bird List of Antarctica and Torres del Paine 01/09/2005 through 01/22/2005 Lesser Rhea Andean Condor Cinerous Harrier Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle Southern Crested Caracara Chimango Caracara Least Seedsnipe Austral Parakeet Fire-eyed Ducon Austral Negrito Chilean Swallow House Wren Austral Thrush Grey-hooded Sierra-Finch Patagonian Sierra-Finch Long-tailed Meadowlark Rufous-collared […]

References to Original Mining Simulation Article

Modeling and Simulation in Mining – Its Time Has Finally Arrived by John R. Sturgul Simulation Reference Local Copy SIMULATION DOI: 10.1177/003754970107600509 SIMULATION 2001; 76; 286 The online version of this article can be found at: Published by: http://www.sagepublications.com One of the first computer simulations in any field was the first mine simulation model written […]

Computer Simulation for Solution of a Mine Transportation Problem

by Karsten Rist Mining World – December 1961   by Karsten A. Rist Mr. Rist is long range procedures engineer for Climax Molybdenum Company with headquarters at Climax, Colorado.   Computer Simulation for Solution of a Mine Transportation Problem In recent months the mining industry has devoted a great deal of attention to computers and […]

Adventures with Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines by Karsten Rist

Karsten Rist Adventures with Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines. In October of 1980 we moved from Plantation to Miami. I continued my involvement with Audubon which had started in Broward County and became active in the Tropical Audubon Society. In July of 1987 developer Raul Planas filed a dredge and fill application for a large golf course […]