Bird List of Antarctica and Torres del Paine

Karsten A. Rist 18014 S.W. 83rd Court Miami, Florida 33157   Bird List of Antarctica and Torres del Paine 01/09/2005 through 01/22/2005 Lesser Rhea Andean Condor Cinerous Harrier Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle Southern Crested Caracara Chimango Caracara Least Seedsnipe Austral Parakeet Fire-eyed Ducon Austral Negrito Chilean Swallow House Wren Austral Thrush Grey-hooded Sierra-Finch Patagonian Sierra-Finch Long-tailed Meadowlark Rufous-collared […]

2001 Greece Trip by Carol Rist

Carol Rist, Spring, 2001 In mid April we flew from Miami to Athens for our first Elderhostel experience. We landed in Athens at the brand new airport, built to serve the multitudes expected for the 2004 Olympics. Near the airport are many of the venues being built for the Olympics, and the road from the […]

1994 China Trip by Carol Rist

China Trip Carol Rist, 1994 Quite early on Sunday morning, June 26, we gathered at the Miami airport along with Bob Merkel, Debbie Safford and the rest of the Florida International Art Exchange Group and embarked on our three week visit to the People’s Republic of China, led by David Chang, native of Shanghai, artist, […]