Albert Rist – Curriculum vitae

Albert Rist Curriculum vitae (Comments in italics are not Albert Rist’s words, but were added by the translator as explanations.)((So if you’re keeping score – This is written by my grandfather, translated from the original German by my father, and then posted by me…)) I was born in the rough November days of the year […]

Huff Post – Early Voting Numbers Climb In N.C., Mostly the Work of Obama Volunteers

Carol Rist, an Obama volunteer passing out a Democratic slate, said many people stopped to chat on their way out. “Most people seem happy, and African-Americans seem downright giddy,” she said. “One woman told me she’d gone to her family’s ancestral home, collected soil from the ground where her grandparents had walked, and rubbed a […]

To save Dade’s wild places

  THE MIAMI HERALD, THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1991 To save Dade’s wild places Appointee Carol Rist, seasoned conservationist, sums up her new, unpaid job thus: “I feel as though it’s the most important thing I’ll ever do in this field.” Could be, for Ms. Rist and the other six members of Dade’s just-appointed Land Acquisition […]

Computer Simulation for Solution of a Mine Transportation Problem

by Karsten Rist Mining World – December 1961   by Karsten A. Rist Mr. Rist is long range procedures engineer for Climax Molybdenum Company with headquarters at Climax, Colorado.   Computer Simulation for Solution of a Mine Transportation Problem In recent months the mining industry has devoted a great deal of attention to computers and […]

Erinnerungen an die Fabrik in Langendorf – Helmut Rist

Helmut Rist Wer in früheren Jahren an Werktagen durch Langendorf ging, begegnete unweigerlich Fuhrwerken, die Holz zur Fabrik brachten. Diese Fuhrwerke gehörten zum Bild des Dorfes, charakterisierten sie doch die Bedeutung der Industrie für unser Dorf. Für die Entwicklung der Industrie im Bieletal war der Waldreichtum des Altvatergebirges als Rohstofflieferant eine wichtige Voraussetzung. Von der […]

Adventures with Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines by Karsten Rist

Karsten Rist Adventures with Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines. In October of 1980 we moved from Plantation to Miami. I continued my involvement with Audubon which had started in Broward County and became active in the Tropical Audubon Society. In July of 1987 developer Raul Planas filed a dredge and fill application for a large golf course […]

2001 Greece Trip by Carol Rist

Carol Rist, Spring, 2001 In mid April we flew from Miami to Athens for our first Elderhostel experience. We landed in Athens at the brand new airport, built to serve the multitudes expected for the 2004 Olympics. Near the airport are many of the venues being built for the Olympics, and the road from the […]

1994 China Trip by Carol Rist

China Trip Carol Rist, 1994 Quite early on Sunday morning, June 26, we gathered at the Miami airport along with Bob Merkel, Debbie Safford and the rest of the Florida International Art Exchange Group and embarked on our three week visit to the People’s Republic of China, led by David Chang, native of Shanghai, artist, […]